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Hello, I’m very glad to meet you!

        In the time it takes to say “Hello, I’m very glad to meet you,” a person has gained an important first impression of you.  Whether this is a colleague, client, patient, potential employer or a social contact, the first impression will determine what people think of you.

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10 Classy Ways to say, “Take this job and shove it!”

1. Though I value the growth and experience gained in this position, I feel that I may have reached a plateau in terms of advancement opportunities.
2. It is a personal goal of mine to push toward my maximum professional capabilities. I feel that I will be unable to accomplish this with the company at this time.
3. Differences in my priorities and those of the company seem to indicate that a parting of ways is my most appropriate action.
4. Because of our differences, I see no future with the company and myself.
5. The policies of this company are in conflict with my personal and professional priorities.
6. For your approval, I will be tendering my resignation effective ______.
7. I have recently been offered an opportunity which dovetails with my priorities in ways that this company does not. I will begin my new position on ______
8. I have accepted a position with a new company. Please accept my resignation effective ________.
9. I will be leaving this position as of ______, in order to_______.
10. In order to pursue a very promising opportunity for my own professional development, I have accepted a position elsewhere. Please consider this my _ weeks’ notice.

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I loved “King’s Speech!”


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